The Best Free WordPress Popup Plugins

The Best Free WordPress Popup Plugins

What are pop-ups? What’re the purposes of such pop-ups? Should you use them? And lastly, which are the Top Best Free WordPress Popup Plugins?

You can now sit back and relax because we have assembled this blog with the essential things you need to know regarding the Popup WordPress Plugin. 


What is a Popup?

A pop-up is a graphical user interface that appears suddenly in the user’s interface. It is triggered when someone; leaves a page, enters a page, scrolls down a certain amount its time, or clicks on something. 

Pop-up interrupts its readers by putting a small window in front of the users’ interface and compelling them to take action. A pop-up can be any offers on your website, forms to fill out,  opt-in emails, advertisements, etc. Pop-ups are generally valuable content that intends to engage readers and visitors. It’s an opportunity for readers to focus on a specific task or submit their personal information, which is beneficial for your website.

I hope that you now have a concept of what the pop-up is. Let’s now see how you can effectively utilize the Pop-up and its benefits.

Uses of Popup and tips for using Popup on your WordPress Website

You see Popup all over the web. You see, popups can be both annoying and pleasant for the readers. It depends on how carefully you plan on displaying the popups. A pop-up is a tool for attracting devoted readers.

Use of Popups on your WordPress Website

1. Cost efficient

Pop-ups are comparatively cheaper than most WordPress plugins. Some are free, and others have limitations. Therefore, one of the pros of pop-ups is cost efficiency.

2. Conversion

Pop-ups are great for conversion. Many sites take the assistance of popups to convert readers into subscribers. 

3. Refocus the attention

After some time of users visiting your site, they experience something called inattention blindness, which results in missing some details on your website. However, the popup breaks through inattention blindness and leads the user to focus on those crucial details in your site.

4. Increasing loyal readers and email lists

Pop-ups increase your email lists. One of the main motives for adding pop-ups on your site is to gain loyal readers or customers. Therefore, you can add email forms to get information from your visitors. With this method, you may grow your email and subscription lists and attract signups.

Tips for using Popup on your WordPress Website

  1. Use a popup when someone is leaving your website pop-ups like offers and discounts. It is known as Exit Intent. In Exit-Intent Popups, the cursor is tracked. When the cursor moves out of the active page window, a pop-up is instantly displayed. It will draw a visitor’s attention back to your site, increasing engagement with your post.
  1. Don’t be in a rush to show popups. When someone first comes to your website, instead of showing the popup immediately, make sure that user spends some time on your post. Hence, this practice helps your website to appear more appropriate.
  1. Always give your visitor an option to close the popups because you don’t want visitors to feel trapped in that pop-up. Therefore, make sure that users can exit the pop-up.
  1. Use cookies or tracking software because it allows your website to recognize a browser. Likewise, it will give the best user experience on the website.
  1. Don’t include more than one or two form fields. More than that will increase the bounce rate. 

We have concluded the uses of Popups and tips on how to use Popups.  Now let us move forward to The Top Best Free WordPress Popup plugins.

Best Free WordPress Popup Plugins

The Popup Maker plugin is a free plugin that has the most 5-star ratings. With the help of this plugin, you can create any type of popup as slide-out, floating, or sticky popups. 
Similarly, in the display tab, you can pick the popup’s theme, size, animation, position, and advanced settings. You can create an infinite number of popups and customize them. Popup Maker plugin assists you in attracting more constant visitors.

Key Component of Popup Marker:

  • Create popups as email opt-in, E-commerce popups, Contact forms, etc.
  • There are several ways to make a popup appear.
  • It integrates with many popular form plugins like Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, WPForms, etc.
  • It gives you control over the customization of the popup’s size, position, animation, and more.
  • You have control over how frequently people see your pop-ups.

Premium Version:

The premium edition includes more advanced features like forced interaction, leaving notices, and more. It starts at $87 per year.

Popup Builder is another plugin with good reviews and active installations. It has a ton of fantastic features.

It has produced a specific JS/CSS code opportunity for all WordPress pop-up types, making each popup distinct and completely adjustable. Therefore, Popup Builder helps you build a pop-up quite effortlessly.

Key Component of Popup Builder:

  • It provides various popup types like Image Popups, Subscription Popups, Facebook popups, etc.
  • Easy Customization.
  • You can create and manage unlimited popups.
  • Responsive for all devices.
  • It gives you a live preview.

Premium Version:

The premium version includes more exciting features. Similarly, you can get all the extensions in a paid plan. It starts at the rate of $49.95.

3. CM Pop-up Banners for WordPress

CM Pop-up Banners for WordPress is a user-friendly pop-up banner with many active installations. It allows you to customize the popups and promote events, products and offers on your website.

This WordPress popup plugin can create popups and expand email lists, making it an excellent tool for generating leads. Among other features, you can use popup triggers, add image and shortcode popups, and more.

Key Component of CM Pop-up Banners For WordPress:

  • You can customize popups with HTML and images.
  • You can create banner campaigns.
  • It allows you to target specific users.
  • Controlling the triggers.
  • You can get reports for impressions and clicks statistics.

Premium Version:

Its premium version comes with more features at only $29.

4. Hustle

Another excellent tool with many active installations is hustle. It is an all-in-one marketing plugin that includes email lists, slide-ins, embeds, social sharing, and creating pop-ups for websites.

Hustle has an interface that is intuitive and user-friendly. It offers flexible appearance settings, instant templates, design settings, and many more, and you can grow your email lists.

Key Component of Hustle:

  • For popups and slide-ins, you have intelligent triggers.
  • You can set customized schedules to deploy popups.
  • It has super powerful conditions for targeting your audience.
  • It has an easy management dashboard.
  • It offers three popups, three slide-ins, and three social sharing bars for free.

Premium Version:

The premium version of the hustle plugin gives you various features. It starts at $7.50 per month.

5. Themify Popup

Themify Popup is one of the many effective plugins created by Themify. It is open-source software with over 9000 active installations.

The stylistic options for this popup plugin are varied. You can place the popup in any way you like and use it to display announcements, subscription forms for newsletters, and other services.

Key Component of Themeify Popup:

  • It is responsive across all resolutions.
  • You can allow popups to appear on all your posts and pages or just a few.
  • Schedule Popup.
  • Option to disable popup on mobile devices.
  • Themify builder integration.

Premium Version:

The Themify Popup plugin doesn’t have a premium version.


Popups are all over the web. A popup can be an email opt-in, a simple informational message, or an offer. Besides, they are convenient tools for converting visitors into subscribers. So, with the help of Free Popup WordPress plugins, create attractive and interactive popups. 

In this article, we have concluded the meaning of Popup, its uses, tips on how to use popups, and lastly description of the Top 5 Popup WordPress Plugin. We sincerely hope you found what you were expecting.

Please feel free to give your thoughts about your experience.

Important Note–> Many other blog posts are still recommending “WP Popup Banners” by AccessPress Themes, which is outdated and false information as products of AccessPress Themes have been closed since 2020 because Backdoor was found in their products.

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