How to make hierarchical product categories in WooCommerce and why it is important

How to make hierarchical product categories in WooCommerce and Why it is important

If you are building an online store with WooCommerce, it is necessary to make hierarchical product categories. It is a crucial step for improving customer satisfaction and search engines. They provide a layout for your website to enhance user experience, product management, and organizing online stores.

The hierarchical product category is made by creating a top-level class and residing multiple subcategories in a tree-like structure. For example, “Electronics” is a top-level product category. Within the section, there are “Laptops,” “Mobiles,” “Desktops,” “House Appliances,” and  “Tablets” as subcategories. Therefore, a customer looking for a mobile can directly go to the “Mobiles” category instead of going through each electronic device. 

In this blog, we will discuss the importance of hierarchical products in WooCommerce and provide a step-by-step guide on them.

Why are Hierarchical Product Categories Important in WooCommerce?

1. A Clean-Looking Site

Hierarchical product categories in WooCommerce give your website a clean look. They help you maintain the record of products and organize the site.

2. Easy Navigation:

Customers can easily browse your site. They can filter to find the exact product based on preference with less time and effort. Hence, hierarchical products facilitate browsing and filtering.

3. Organized Products:

Hierarchical product categories keep your online store organized till the end because it provides a scalable way to manage your inventory, expand the category structure, and add new subcategories as your online store grows. 

4. Higher SEO Ranking

Search engines like Google look at the structure of your website to understand its content. Since search engine optimization(SEO) is a crucial part of any website, search engines must perceive your content. Therefore, using hierarchical product categories, create keyword-rich URLs, tags, and breadcrumbs.

5. Good Shopping Experience:

The customer will gain a user-friendly experience with the help of hierarchical product categories. 

How to create a hierarchical product category in WooCommerce

1. Navigate to Products>Categories.

In the WooCommerce dashboard, you can see the “Product” section on the left-hand side. Navigate to Products>Categories.

2. Create the “Parent” and “Child” categories.

Inside the Product Categories screen, it will ask you to input the following:

  1.  Name the category 
  1. Slug(optional) is a URL-friendly version of the category’s name. 
  1. Select the Parent Category from the dropdown menu if creating a Child Category. Otherwise, you keep this box default state, “None,” when generating a Parent category.
  1. Description(optional). 
  1. Choose Display type to decide what to show on the categories’ landing page. To display only subcategories, choose the “Subcategories” option. To only show products, select the “Products” option. You can also choose the “Both” option for products and subcategories. Else, keep it at default.
  1. In the thumbnail (optional), you can upload/ add an image.

3. Click the “Add new category” button.

After all the necessary changes, save the category by clicking the “Add new category” button. 


A well-organized hierarchical product category is highly beneficial for the store owner. It plays a significant part in enhancing user experience and search engine optimization. By following these steps, you can easily create an understandable navigation structure.

Therefore, increase your online marketplace experience, and adopt hierarchical categories for products in your WooCommerce store. Enjoy marketing! If you require any further support, please inquire. I am willing to assist you.

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