How to choose The Best Free News WordPress Theme?

Thinking of starting your own News Website but can’t decide which News WordPress Theme to choose from? Also, wanna start off easy and simple?  Well, to make things easy for you we’ve got a list of 10 Best Free News WordPress Themes you can choose from. Here, you’ll understand what to look for in your theme and how one theme differs from another.

Starting off, let’s look at things to look for in the News WordPress theme.

Things to Look for in News WordPress Theme


Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the process of improving your site in order to increase the visibility to people and maintaining the high ranking on search engines.

Your news site needs SEO to engage the viewers and interact with your site. 

So, the theme you choose does affect your sites. Similarly, there are themes which have good SEO. Therefore, check if the theme is optimized for SEO.


Responsiveness is the factor which checks the adaptiveness of the site in different platforms, devices and browsers. Your news site must adapt to various platforms as the views will view your site from different platforms like mobile, tablets, PC etc. 

Therefore, if the theme you choose is responsive ready, every audience will have a good experience while visiting your site.

Speed Optimization

Speed optimization is the performance of your site regarding the speed to load your page, bandwidth etc. Nowadays, people need to get their hands on information as soon as possible, resulting in impatience. So, your news site must be speed optimized.

Therefore, those themes which are speed optimized must be given more priority and importance.


Customization is being able to make necessary changes in theme as per your planning. It is also the flexibility that the user feels while customizing the theme now and in future days too. So, you need to be able to customize your news site easily and comfortably. 

Therefore, themes having easy customization options is more favored than others to complete your task in ease. 

Social Media Interlink

Social media interlining is the act of connecting different platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc. We know that the more time viewers spend on your website the more it reflects in your performance. So, social media integration helps in engaging the viewers.

Therefore, your new site is more engaging if your theme allows social media integration.

Multiple Language 

Multiple language themes are those which allow you to add more than one language. It is important to attract international views so your news site will grow without being limited. 

Therefore, having a multi-language theme is one of the advantages for the news site owner.

Next, the list of Free WordPress themes.

10+ Best Free News WordPress Themes

Newsmatic Theme

Newsmatic Free WordPress News Portal Theme

Newsmatic Theme is the best Free WordPress News Theme available in WordPress. It is in number 1 position in the news niche in WordPress with over 4000+ active installations gained in less than 2 months. In this theme, you can provide RTL and multiple languages by using the WPML plugin to your audience.


  • 6+ beautiful pre-built websites
  • Custom Live Now button
  • Request new layout directly from the customizer
  • Ticker News 
  • Site preloader animation
  • RTL and Multi-language ready
  • Schema ready

Trendy News

Trendy News theme is built with React JS library, which results in the smooth and fast page-loading performance of your website. In this theme, you can provide RTL and multiple languages by using the WPML plugin to your audience.


  • Ticker News 
  • Site preloader animation
  • RTL and Multi-language ready
  • Schema ready

Local News

In the Local news theme, you can post the news in the form of written, audio and video. You can easily customize it. Similarly, it adds infinity blocks in each section and has multiple layout choices for each block.

It has 3+ pre-built websites that can be imported in one-click.


  • Ticker News 
  • SEO enabled
  • Customization of granular setting
  • Breadcrumbs Option
  • Multilingual compatible


Newspaperex theme has a vibrant color and clean design with different posts navigation and sort options like tags and categories, ticker, and dynamic widgets such as post sliders, Tabs (trending, popular and latest news), and more. The theme is Customizer based. Layouts such as Post carousel, and slider enhance catchability to read the highlight news of viewers. Different custom widgets


  • RTL ready
  • WPML compatible
  • Gutenberg compatible
  • Elementor compatible


Newsment is a child theme of Cover News with some modifications and customizations. If you choose this theme, you will need to install both Cover News and Newsment, respectively. In essence, Newsment has all the features of Covernews with some customizations on the styles and functionalities.


  • One Click Demo Import
  • Gutenberg compatible
  • Integration with WooCommerce
  • Translation ready

News Portal

News Portal is one the best news themes standing out with its creative design and strong features. Allowing most of the theme’s setting is customizable and lets users manage the website using widgets easily.

Here are some of key features of News Portal WordPress theme:


  • 5+ widgets with multiple layouts
  • Responsive design
  • SEO enables
  • Retina ready


ColorMag is best to create modern news, blogs and magazines. It offers multiple ads spaces in its layout. Building the news website is really easy using ColorMag. Also, this theme has a lot of good reviews. 

Here are some of key features of ColorMag WordPress theme:


  • Loads under 1 second
  • 7 pre-built demos
  • 16 starter site
  • Responsive


ChromeNews offers a variety of useful customizer choices for creating news websites. It is well-designed in order to get a higher rank in search engines. The users will also get good support from the ChomeNews.

Here are some of key features of ChromeNews WordPress theme:


  • Translation ready
  • Regular updates
  • Responsive
  • Gutenberg Compatible

Style Mag

Style Mag is a stylish theme made specially for magazine websites. This is convenient to build your news website and managing your site is also easy using Style Mag. Likewise, you can choose one from many available layouts.

Here are some of key features of Styled Mag WordPress theme:


  • Integration with Elementor 
  • Category-wise color option
  • CTA buttons
  • Multiple Layouts

Viral News

This theme has clean and minimal design for your news website. In Viral News theme, they provide many different ways to create the news website of your imagination with many customizer features.


  • 6 demos
  • Search engine optimization
  • Major browser compatible
  • GDPR compliance and cookies consent

Minimalist Newspaper

Although the free version is severely limited, the theme has beautiful and useful basic features that enable WordPress webmasters to create a decent news website. Like most themes, the theme has provided advertisement space in the header, content section, sidebar, and footer through widgets.


  • One Click Demo Import
  • Search engine optimization
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Schema ready

General News

General News WordPress News Theme

General News Theme is the child theme of MoreNews theme. To install General News Theme, you will have to install MoreNews Theme. You can create a decent news website with the help of 9+ custom widgets. The theme supports RTL and is compatible with Gutenberger blocks and Elementor Page Builder plugin.


  • One Click Demo Import
  • 9+ MoreNews widgets
  • RTL support
  • Compatible with Elementor, Gutenberg block and WooCommerce plugin

In conclusion, Themes you choose reflect your brand’s identity. The better your choice, better your identity, however, the contents you publish on your news site also matters the most. But our aim is to introduce you to the best themes for your site. 

Now, you can choose the theme which best represents you and your needs. So, choose the suitable News Theme and create your own site.

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