Different ways to Make Money on WordPress in 2023

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the largest publishing platform where you can create your own website with ease. It is open-source and powers over 43% of all websites in the world. It is a trustworthy Content Management System(CMS) that helps in creating and modifying the website as per your need.

Making money on WordPress

WordPress is so popular because it lets you create any kind of earning site virtually with many themes and plugins helping you to start off. You can make money by doing the things you are passionate about.

Monetizing your website is a great way to earn an extra income. Monetizing a wordpress blog requires some extra work and there’s no certain “get rich quick” way. You need to add value in your content, to do that you must provide engaging, interesting and useful content for your readers.

In this article, we will discuss different ways to make money on WordPress, however, you have to put an effort before you can reap the reward. Similarly, before implementing any of these methods to make money on WordPress, your audience size and their engagement should be on some higher level. You can increase the audience size and their engagement by giving valuable information.

Ways to Make Money on WordPress

  1. Advertising
  2. Freelance Business
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Ecommerce
  5. Offer Online Courses
  6. Offer Membership and Subscription
  7. Become WordPress Designer or Developer 


Advertising is one way to make money on WordPress. This is best if your audience size and blog traffic is high. So, to begin advertising you have to find an advertising network. 

One of the popular advertising networks is Google’s AdSense advertising program. It is free to join after google approves your wordpress site, you place code on your blog and ads begin to appear in your site. You have some level of control of what type of advertising shows on your site. Some other networks are OpenX, Amazon, Publift etc.

You will get paid by the advertiser whenever someone clicks on the adverts that appear on your site. It is based on CPC(Cost Per Click) which means to get paid every time a user clicks on the ads. Or it could be based on CPM(Cost Per Thousand) which means to get paid per thousand impressions an ad receives.

Start Freelance Business

By starting a freelance business on WordPress you can make money through it. You can do this by creating a portfolio site including your skills and works. Therefore, your creativeness can shine through.

If you can create a valuable WordPress site for your skills either in Photography, design, freelance writing etc. or any other creatives, then set up a professional profile offering a variety of goods and services and necessary details using helpful tools and plugins provided by WordPress.

When you start offering the services and expertise as a freelancer, you’ll need to collect payments from your clients. For this purpose, you can use invoicing plugins for WordPress. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is referred to as selling others’ products and getting commission from the sponsoring company. The affiliate networks are free to join and is one of the popular ways to monetize your WordPress Blog.

In brief, it’s when a company pays each time one of the readers buys a product through your link. They will give the control panel to select affiliated partners’ products, negotiate payments and provide tracking links. Then you can manage your affiliate links using WordPress plugins. 

So, select the product you want to offer on your wordpress site, and download the codes and start blogging. You can find many products to promote from Amazon, ShareASale, Commission Junction etc. 


Ecommerce is one of the direct ways to make money using WordPress. You can make your WordPress site into an online store. You can use different plugins to make it easier.

WooCommerce is one the most popular and used plugins that can turn your site into your very own online store. Another plugin which you can use is Easy Digital Downloads. After this, you can sell physical products, digital products and also services.

You can create your own brand, run an ecommerce business, ship orders, market your products, manage your inventory and make your WordPress website strong and reachable for your audience.

Offer Online Courses 

Offering online courses on WordPress, sharing your skills and posting them to your site will help you grow the audience and engagement of the audience in your blog.

Your courses can be sold to the public, however, you must have adequate knowledge about the topic so that viewers would want to spend their money to learn from you. Similarly, there are WordPress plugins like LearnPress which will help you throughout the building of your site.

So, you can share your knowledge and make money through WordPress. To make this happen you need to find your audience and provide valuable content.

Offer Membership and subscription

Another way to make money using WordPress is by offering members only contents. It is a great way for recurring income by charging the monthly membership fee.

There are many tools like MemberPress that can help you to create it easily on your WordPress site. If you can create valuable content with exclusive information and news you can generate income through this method. You could do this by first offering some content for free.

However, you must be an expert in your field, so your content must be worthy of the price you’re asking. The Premium contents, are something the visitors are willing to pay to gain access, you can create these.

Become WordPress designer or developer

You can become a WordPress designer or developer, for this, you need to have technical knowledge. This is another way to make money in WordPress.

This method is mostly suitable for those who have already gained some experience with WordPress, have good designing skills and can ensure the security of the work. Then, you can build your site in WordPress, attract the audience with your work and skills.

What you can do is develop WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, sell graphics using your site. By following the proper guidelines of WordPress.

Therefore, these were some of the ways that you can make an income out of your site. No doubt, there are plenty of other ways to make money. The best way to test it is through your own practice. However, we first recommend to begin with affiliate marketing and advertising.

In The End,

Start building audience and engagement today, so you can choose a revenue model that fits best for your content, schedule, and your audience.

If the audience size and engagement is low, begin to grow the audience and engagement.

WordPress is a flexible and there are many roads you can take to generate profit out of your WordPress website. So, realize and understand your strength and make a living out of it.

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