Best WordPress Theme Companies

Best WordPress Theme Companies in 2023

With the ongoing dominance of WordPress, it has over 40% of websites running on its platform. There has been an excessive increase in the number of companies providing WordPress themes. Finding a company that delivers high-quality Themes and valuable assistance can be challenging.

In this blog post, we have listed the best companies that offer excellent Themes, customer support, and customization options to fit your needs. We understand how essential it is to find the perfect WordPress Theme for creating a website. Here is the list of best WordPress Theme Companies in 2023.

List of Premium and Free Theme Providers

S. No.CompanyPremium ThemesFree ThemesMost Popular Theme
1.WordPress.orgNoYesTwenty Twenty-Three
2.Brainstorm ForceYesYesAstra
4.Elegant ThemesYesNoDivi
6.Blaze ThemesYesYesNewsmatic
9.ElementorNoYesHello Elementor
10.Page LayerYesYesPopularFX
12.Creative ThemesYesYesBlocksy
13.WP RoyalYesYesRoyal Elementor Kit
15.Catch ThemesYesYesBizBoost
16.MysteryThemesYesYesNews Portal

The Best WordPress Theme Companies

1. WordPress is the official repository for thousands of WordPress themes and plugins which users can download for free from various theme providers. Since 2003, has become a  popular platform for developers and users.

Currently, there are 16 themes made by itself. Its most popular theme is “Twenty Twenty-Three,” which has 1+ million active installations. WordPress themes are used and loved by many website builders worldwide.

2. Brainstorm Force

The Brainstorm Force is a reputable provider of free and premium web design tools. It was founded in 2009 with the vision to make it faster and easier for users to build a website. The Astra theme is a well-regarded product of this company with over 1 million active installations due to its fast loading time and various excellent features.

Users can upgrade and enhance their customization options by purchasing a premium version of the Astra theme which starts at $59. This company has earned its reputation through its dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

3. OceanWP

The OceanWP is a popular WordPress theme provider, widely utilized to create custom eCommerce websites. Founded in 2016, this company provides a range of products, with its OceanWP theme being one of the most popular themes available in the WordPress repository. It has more than 700,000 active installations.

The premium edition of the OceanWP theme starts at a reasonable price of $54 for those seeking more functionality and customization options.

4. Elegant Themes

The Elegant Themes is a premium WordPress theme and plugin provider. A reputable company for web design solutions that primarily focuses on two themes, Divi and Extra. Since its establishment in 2008, it has been able to supply first-rate services. 

The company’s Divi theme has a good position in the industry with its advanced visual builder technology and many other functionalities. The Divi theme starts at $89.

5. Themeisle

The themeisle WordPress theme company was established in 2012 that offers a range of high-quality free and premium WordPress themes suitable for various types of websites. The theme designs are user-friendly and customizable. 

Neve is the most popular theme due to its lightweight design and fast performance. It has over 300,000 active installs. The premium version starts at $99 and includes additional features. With the theme developed by Themeisle, you can create a professional WordPress website.

6. Blaze Themes

It is a WordPress theme provider that offers a collection of 20 different themes, with its most popular theme being “Newsmatic.” This theme works great for news, magazine, and blog websites. The Blaze Themes provides themes in both premium and free versions. 

Overall, Blaze Themes is a reliable WordPress theme provider and prioritizes the quality of its products and customer satisfaction.

7. aThemes

The aThemes has been in business since 2013 and continuously working to make its themes better and fulfill the needs of its users. Until now, they have produced ‘Sydney’ and ‘Botiga’ WordPress themes. These themes are known for providing visually appealing websites and a range of customizable options. 

Sydney theme is the most popular theme and has gained over 100,000 active installations where you can create your professional and engaging website. 

8. ThemeGrill

ThemeGrill offers a large variety of themes that are suitable for different websites, including businesses, magazines, personal blogs, and other niches. The company has been operating since 2014. 

Its flagship product is the ColorMag theme which has more than 80,000 active installations. The premium version of ColorMag is available for a starting price of $69. Lastly, it is an impressive and professional WordPress theme company. 

9. Elementor

Elementor is a recognized web design company for its drag-and-drop feature. It offers various products, including plugins and themes that make it simple to create a website. While the Elementor plugin is available in both free and premium versions, the theme is entirely free. 

It has been offering its clients top-notch design solutions since 2016. The Hello Elementor theme of this company is a popular choice among users with over 1 million active installations. Elementor’s user-friendly design has made it a ‘top pick’.

10. Page Layer

Pagelayer is a technology company that provides website builder software, including has made the finest website builder software, like the Pagelayer plugin and PopularFX theme. It offers the products in both free and premium versions. PopularFX theme offers more than 500 premade-designed templates. 

Overall, the products of Page Layer company are user-friendly and customizable making  them a popular choice among website owners.


WPZOOM is a well-regarded WordPress theme company that has been providing high-quality products for web design since 2008. It offers a wide range of free and premium WordPress themes. One of its most popular themes is “Inspiro,” it is a video-focused, lightweight photo theme, and has a modern design. With over 60,000 active installations, it is known to have a user-friendly interface.

Overall, WPZOOM is a great option for bloggers, photographers, small businesses, and more professionals.

12. Creative Themes

Blocksy is a popular WordPress theme developed by Creative Themes. It is available to download for free with its attractive features and customization options. It has gained over 100,000 active installations due to its modern and clean design. 

Users who want more advanced features and support can upgrade to its premium version starting at $49. The company has designed its product to be functional, easy to use, and visually appealing.

13. WP Royal

The WP Royal WordPress theme company provides web design products that are flexible and user-friendly. It consists of creative and dedicated WordPress theme developers and designers. Among their products, the most popular is the Royal Elementor Kit theme with vast templates, widgets, and features for any kind of website.

The company has established itself as an innovative provider of WordPress themes with a focus on user experience.

14. Themeansar

Since 2016, Themeansar has been a reputable provider of free and premium themes to build eCommerce stores and blog websites. They have been offering top-notch solutions, its flagship product is Blogus theme. It offers unique features like multi-header and multi-blog post styles.

Overall, Theneansar company’s products and services are reliable that are best for WooCommerce and eCommerce websites. 

15. Catch Themes

The Catch Themes provides a range of free and premium WordPress themes. It was established back in 2012 with themes suitable for all kinds of websites like blogs, magazines, photography, music, etc.

Currently, the most popular theme of this company is “BizBoost” with 1000+ active installations. It has a minimal design and is suited for any online business. Lastly, there are other appealing and customizable themes.

16. Mystery Themes

The company Mystery Themes has been offering valuable themes in both free and premium versions since 2016. These themes are best for magazines, eCommerce websites, Blogging, and more. The best thing about them is their user-friendly WordPress themes.

One of the most popular themes is “News Portal,” having 9000+ active installations. It is a modern and creative theme with great flexibility. The premium version of the News Portal theme starts at $59.99. 


The WordPress theme companies featured in this blog offer many services and have proven their worth. Therefore, you can trust them to provide quality services to help your business grow online.

After reviewing some of the best WordPress theme companies in 2023, each company offers impressive features. Some companies specialize in serving niche markets while others focus on a wide range of themes that are suitable for different industries. Lastly, their dedicated customer support and quality will help you create a professional website.

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