Best Email Marketing Software in 2023

Knowing where to invest in marketing is quite essential than we think. As we know,  attracting new customers/visitor and engaging your existing customer/visitor, defines how strong and trustworthy is our foundation

Email Marketing is also a form of marketing that allows you to build awareness among your readers in order to generate leads or sales and gradually earn profit out of it. As it has a high return on investment(ROL). For every $1 you spent on email marketing, you are likely to expect an average return of $36.

Therefore, here we have listed the 10 best Email Marketing Software in 2023 which are worth every penny which are easy-to-use and affordable. Also, we have included the importance of email marketing software together with the things you need to look for when deciding which Email Marketing Software to choose.

What is Email Marketing Software? 

Email Marketing Software are those coded programs which enables its user to develop, send and track emails to their subscribers lists. With the help of such software it makes it simpler to create effective emails and give you access to crucial statistics like open rates and click-through rates.

Hence, every business organization must use some sort of email marketing software to stay connected with their customer and publish their new creation.

Why is Email Marketing Software important?

Every best email marketing software provides Customer relationship management(CRM), automation, segmentation and internal reporting. These all things are important when it comes to customizing your website for a successful outcome and giving you more control.

Such a feature helps you to get more practical evaluation on how to improve in future time. As we mentioned earlier it has the highest ROL(Return on Investment), it is because compared to other channels, email delivers better results.

Email Marketing Software is important because they make sure that your messages are properly delivered to the targeted group in their inbox rather than being left in spam.

Therefore, to have direct and purposeful relationships with people, email marketing software is necessary.

What are the 5 things to look for when deciding Email Marketing Software?

There are some of the basic five things you need to look out for in Email Marketing Software when choosing one. So, you do not end up confused and frustrated while using the service.

1. What exactly are you looking for?

When it comes to getting email marketing tools you need to make sure what you really do need in your business.

You either want to focus primarily on automations (software which handles routine marketing takes automatically), email templates or insights in your emails or anything else that you want to focus on.  Whichever it is, you should choose the email marketing software according to your main need.

2. Easy to use

You should always look for software that is easy to use and operate. Choosing the email marketing software based on how easy it is to use helps us in many areas.

These software which have clean designs, drag and drop features while customizing and overall understandable functions. More ease to use software, less time-consuming and fewer frustrations while working with it. Therefore, look for the email marketing software which you are most comfortable with.

3. Price

Price plays a crucial part when it comes to deciding which email marketing software to use. As all the email marketing providers charge for their service on a monthly or yearly basis.

You can get a free version or free trial in some email marketing service providers. So, you can first use it and then if you are satisfied you can pay a full amount to obtain all functions. The amount you’ll have to pay normally depends on the basis of how many contacts you have on your email list

4. Detailed reporting

Reporting allows you to understand who viewed your message, when they did and which of your contents are effective. So, those email marketing software which provides detailed reporting are beneficial to our own good.

This detailed reporting allows you to have an insight in your progress as well as your lackings. These measuring results lead to a better result and steps to make improvements in our content.

5. Deliverability 

Deliverability is also another part which you need to look for when deciding your email software service provider. This is also a very important part in order to have a functioning marketing.

When your email marketing provider has low deliverability then your emails will end up in the spam folder and not in the actual inbox which means that your email subscribers will not find your emails. 

 6. Customer support

Setting up your own email marketing system is not always easy and a lot of the time you won’t be able to google the answer to your problem.

So you really wanna have a good support that when you get stuck somewhere you can just contact them and they will be able to help you quickly. The availability and quality of support also matters while choosing an email marketing provider.

Therefore, these are key points you need to watch out for when you choose the email marketing software. You need to know what you need in your business, see if it is easy to use, check whether it is in your budget, see if it provides detailed reports, its deliverability and finally their support concerning the troubles you’re facing.

The Best Email Marketing Software

1. ActiveCampaign 

ActiveCampaign is the best email marketing automation.

This tool has features, from modern, responsive email templates, build landing pages to advanced automations and CRM software. It is an all-in-one marketing service, so, such advanced features on offer and unlimited emails on all plans come at a little more price. It offers a free trial of 14-days. 

It provides in-depth reporting. Also, its average deliverability rate is 89.3% which is impressive. They also have very good support.

2. GetResponse 

GetResponse is best known for its support. 

This email marketing service is for online store owners, for those who want to set-up a multi-channel sales funnel, or those keen to offer webinars, automations, landing pages and attractive templates. It goes beyond just email marketing. It doesn’t have a free plan, however, it does offer a free trial of 30-days.

It has an average deliverability rate of 82.2%. Their spam and design testing feature is really helpful. As mentioned earlier, it has the best support and is available 24/7.

3. Constant Contact 

Constant Contact is the best for small businesses and startups.

Signup forms, landing pages, basic automation, amazing email templates and email broadcasts are some of the features of Constant Contact. It doesn’t have a free plan, however, it offers a free trial of 60 days for the US and Canada and for others its 30-day trial period.

Its average deliverability rate is 89.9% which is quite impressive. It also has good support.

4. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is best for design templates.

ConvertKit is best for signup forms, good landing pages design templates, basic automation and email broadcasts. They do offer a free version,however, only up to a certain number of contacts on your email list but if you go beyond that number you need to buy a paid plan.

Their average deliverability rate is 84.6%. ConvetKit makes it easy to sell to your list, and segment paid subscribers.

5. AWeber 

AWeber is bust to quickly build responsive landing pages.

Signup forms, landing pages, basic automation and email broadcasts are some of the basic features of AWeber. It comes with plenty of pre-built email newsletter templates. It is easy to use. It does offer a free version up to the certain amount of contact on your email list.

It has an average deliverability rate i.e. 80.8% which is quite low comparatively. It has very good support and is available 24/7.

6. Mailchimp

Mailchimp has the most attractive free plan. It has signup forms, landing pages, basic automation and email broadcasts. It has overall most of the features that businesses need. It has a free version for a certain number of contacts on your email list i.e. 2000.

Its average deliverability rate over the last three years is 85.8%. When you access more advanced tools.

7. Mailer Lite 

Mailer Lite is the easiest to use.

Mailer Lite is better suited for small business, startups and freelancers on budgets. It is used to create signup forms, build landing pages, and send out email broadcasts. It is by far easiest to use and has a clean looking interface. It offers a free version for up to a certain amount of contacts on your email list.

Its average deliverability rate is 87%. Mailer lite is the only free option that you can use to build entire email automation sequences. It also has very good support.

8. Sendinblue 

Sendinblue is the best emailing service for transactional email and SMS.

Sendinblue is used to create signup forms, landing pages, and basic automation. It offers live chat, CRM features, advanced email automation, email broadcasts and SMS and transaction. It has a different pricing model and they charge based on how many emails you send out per month.

Its average deliverability rate is 82.9%. Their reporting and support are also good.

9. HubSpot

HubSpot is best for an all-in-one marketing suite.

HubSpot is best for growing companies and start-ups. It is easy to use and the most well-known software in the CRM. It offers that free version which allows you to send 2000 emails and store an unlimited number of subscribers.

The deliverability rate for Hubspot is 76.09%. It also have advanced marketing automation.

10. Moosend

Moosend is the most affordable of all.

Moosend is used in creating automating emails. It is best for eCommerce, SaaS. It features customizable responsive email templates. To manage your email marketing campaigns, it provides automation features like segmentation and personalization.

Email deliverability rate of Moosend is 76.46%. It is the simplest and most modern solution to deliver email marketing. Moosend offers a free plan that includes up to 100 subscribers and 3000 monthly email sends.


In this article, we have listed the best email marketing software in 2023 along with the things you need to look out while selecting the software.

We hope you found this article helpful and made it quite easy for you to decide on your own. Therefore, the most crucial part is that you know what you need in you business or webpage.

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