How to Upload Featured Image to the WordPress Post

How to Upload Featured Image to the WordPress Post

In terms of website design, first impressions are very important. Within seconds of arriving at your site, readers form opinions about the content, so it is essential to grab their interest as soon as possible. Therefore, utilizing featured images is one of the best strategies to achieve that.

In other words, primary images that are displayed on a post, page, or custom post are called featured images. They are also known as Post Thumbnails. They effectively attract visitors to your content as they are placed next to the heading on your web page. 

However, to use the featured images across different areas of your WordPress website, make sure your WordPress theme allows it.

Steps to Add a Featured Image to the WordPress Post

Step 1: Open Posts tab 

Uploading featured images to your WordPress posts is a simple process that starts by logging into your WordPress account. There you can access different sections, such as posts, pages, and appearance. 

You must click on the posts section to open the post dashboard where you can add a featured picture.

Step 2: Edit or create a new post

Whether you are adding a featured image to your existing post or on a new post, the procedure is simple. Simply hover over the previous article that you want to edit, and click on “Edit” to add or change the featured image.

If you want to make a new post, go to “Add New” in the upper left corner of your screen. There you can start a new post and add a featured image to it.

Step 3: Click the “Set Featured Image” area

A settings panel will appear on the right side of your display after you have opened the editor for the post. However, if you don’t see the setting panel, click on the gear icon in the top right corner to open it.

Then, you can choose “Featured Image” and then “Set feature image” when the setting window has been opened.

Step 4: Choose an image from your media library

Once you’re inside the Set featured image you will be asked to upload files from your computer or choose from the media library to use an existing image. 

After selecting the image, you can save or publish your post and preview it to see how the featured image looks on your website. Lastly, how your featured image is displayed is handled by your WordPress theme.


By following these simple steps, you can upload and use the featured image option in your WordPress post.

Now that you are familiar with the featured image, use it to your benefit. It enhances the visual appearance of your website and attracts more viewers. Therefore, take advantage of this feature to create splendid content.

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