Affiliate Links Disclosure

What is an affiliate link?

Affiliate link is a special link with a unique tracking code that tracks from which publisher website the visitor came and landed on the sales page of seller websites.

Does WPAllTreasure use affiliate links?

WPAllTreasure may provide affiliate links to some products and services.

Why does WPAllTreasure use affiliate links?

If you buy the product/service by going through affiliate links, we will get certain incentives from the sellers.

Will clicking on affiliate links cost us?

No. You will not get charged if you click on the affiliate links.

Will buying by going through affiliate links cost us more?

No. You will get charged more if you go through affiliate links. Generally, the cost you will be charged is the standard amount they charge for all customers. Sometimes, you might get even discounts and deals if you go through affiliate links.